Getting Started with Power BI

Getting Started with Power BI is fast-paced 2-day training course designed to get students up to speed on building and deploying custom solutions using Microsoft's rapidly evolving Power BI platform. Students will work through hands-on lab exercises to gain and reinforce skills for using a project-based approach for building custom BI solutions using Power BI Desktop.

Students will learn what can be accomplished with the Power BI service using just a browser as well as which types of project work must be completed using Power BI Desktop. Students will learn how to use the query features in Power BI Desktop to import and transform data as it loads into a project’s data model. The course also teaches students how to use the data modeling features of Power BI Desktop and to become proficient writing DAX expression to create calculated columns and measures. Students will learn how to design reports with interactive behavior and to publish them to the Power BI service and to SharePoint Online.

Along the way, students will learn how to import data from a variety of sources including Azure SQL databases, One Drive for Business, SharePoint Online and Dynamics 365. The course also teaches students the various techniques that can be used to integrate Excel workbooks into the Power BI environment.


Students will require their own computer running either Windows 10, Windows 8.1 or Windows 7. Students should have prior experience with Microsoft Excel and navigating around inside the Office 365 environment.

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Length2 Days
AudienceCitizen developers